Safe Schools: Free from Bias, Bullying and Harassment

MMSD Mission

The Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) is committed to creating safe and supportive learning environments to ensure that every school is thriving and that every child graduates college, career and community ready. We will continue to embrace a culture of excellence with equity – one where we insist on holding high expectations for every child and adult no matter the circumstance, while providing the unique support they need to meet and exceed those high expectations.


Bullying is the intentional action by an individual or group of individuals to inflict physical, emotional or mental harm or suffering on another individual or group of individuals when there is an imbalance of real or perceived power. Bullying behavior creates an objectively hostile or offensive environment. Such an environment may cause, or be likely to cause, negative and harmful conditions.

Madison Metropolitan School District Board Policies 4510 (Student Bullying)


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Secondary Forms