Rights and Responsibilities

Supporting positive student behavior requires a high level of commitment from students, parents, guardians, staff, administrators, and members of the Board of Education. Rights and responsibilities that are designed to reflect both the mutual respect and accountability required to support student behavior.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Foundational Practices

We believe that social, emotional, and academic development requires four foundational practices:

Progressive Discipline

The BEP is intended to help turn mistakes into learning experiences and to pair consequences with additional support. The Behavior Response Grid, beginning on page 23, provides staff and administrators with guidance in making decisions about how to respond to student behavior.

Progressive Discipline Webpage

Special Education

Our goal in MMSD is to ensure all students with disabilities receive their free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE).

Bullying Prevention and Response

Bullying prevention is supported by foundational practices in all schools. Bullying and/or harassing behavior is subject to intervention(s) and disciplinary response.
Anti-Bullying in MMSD
Bullying FAQs