The Behavior Education Plan is driven by the word “education”, and at its core is a teaching and learning plan designed to support every student in their social, emotional, and academic development. We know behavior education is complex work that happens in classrooms and cafeterias, on buses and playgrounds, and even offices and auditoriums. Whether you are a student, family member, community member, or staff member, we all have a responsibility to embody our beliefs, our expectations, and our commitments.

The goals of the Behavior Education Plan are focused on ensuring every student experiences a thriving school culture and a safe and supportive learning environment, leading to healthy identity development, and a sense of belonging. These goals align to the vision and goals of the District’s Strategic Framework. Our priority and focus on addressing racial inequities drives this work and provides the basis for three overarching goals: increase a sense of safety and belonging in school, implement successful systems of support and intervention, and reduce disproportionality in the use of exclusionary practices.

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