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School Counseling Mission Statement

MMSD school counselors are innovative leaders who actively work to identify and remove barriers to student achievement and well-being by championing practices that create equitable, safe, inclusive, and positive learning environments for all students. School counselors engage students in exploring and identifying interests and aspirations and play an essential role in providing all students the academic & post-secondary advising and social-emotional supports needed to experience personal success.

The Role of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

In collaboration with staff, families, students, and community partners, school counselors facilitate implementation and continuous improvement of high-quality, culturally and linguistically responsive comprehensive school counseling programs: These data-driven programs are designed to provide all students and their families access to the information, advising, and experiences needed to support academic success, social-emotional well-being, and college, career, and community readiness. Comprehensive school counseling programs are delivered through the school counseling core curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, program management & systems support.

School Counselors in MMSD

We currently have 42 licensed school counselors supporting students and families in grades 6-12 in our middle and high schools. These counselors are a part of the Student Services Team as well as the College, Career and Community Readiness Teams within their buildings. Contact information for individual school counselors can be found on each school's website. 

We are unique in that we also have two school counseling leadership positions that support school counselors and their programs through professional learning, mentoring and consultation. We are always seeking school counseling candidates (and Interns) whose beliefs and values align with our school counseling mission above and MMSD's vision as articulated in our Strategic Framework 

We welcome any questions that you have regarding school counseling programming and the role of school counselors in MMSD. 

Erica Kruger

Lead School Counselor

Mindy Willard

School Counseling and Transition Coordinator


Meet Our Counselors

MMSD School Counselors make a big impact in our community. Read more about some of our counselors and their programs below. 

MMSD believes that college, career, and community readiness is about much more than mastery of content knowledge. As such, our graduate vision is comprised of nine competency areas:

  • Growth Mindsetgradvision18.png
  • Self Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Wellness
  • Community
  • Cultural Competence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Connection
  • Mastery of Content

Additional details can be found on the graduate vision webpage